Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower decoration with balloons and flowers in a vintage theme in beautifully The Pillars Hotel in Fort Lauderdale 

 Bridal shower organic balloon arch rose-gold
We use the new chrome balloons in rose-gold and gold colors for the L shaped organic balloon arch.
Moss watering can use as a vase for flower centerpiece give your decoration the organic design.

 Bride To Be rose-gold balloon letters
Rose-gold balloon letters BRIDE TO BE great addition for a background or wall decoration

 LOVE balloon script and confetti balloons bridal shower
LOVE script mylar balloon arranges by small balloons and huge balloons with rose-gold and gold and wrapping the balloon in tulle, lace makes things ultra bridal while still having a bohemian vibe.

 Rustic theme flower centerpiece with moss as a vase
For a bridal shower in a rustic theme, we advise using for a centerpiece the unique watering can be covered with moss as a vase

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