Monday, September 23, 2013

Circus Theme Party Decoration and Entertainment

 Circus theme kids party decoration with balloons
Clown balloon sculpture for circus themed kids party

 Clown balloon sculpture, Circus theme party decoration
Clown acrobat for kids party with circus themed

 Clown balloon sculpture indoor kids party
Balloon clowns sculpture centerpiece for circus theme party decoration

Monday, September 9, 2013

Under The Ocean Themed Event. Outdoor party tent Decoration. Miami, FL

Lights, Balloon Centerpieces, Linens and Banner! Under sea themed party decoration with balloons
Bubble balloons with fish balloon sculpture
 Under the sea themed party decoration
Balloon centerpiece with bubble balloons and fish balloon shape 
 Under the Sea Party decoration with balloons
Balloon centerpiece with under the sea theme balloon fish and balloon octopus sculpture

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mardi Gras Event.

We have many different ideas for Mardi Gras theme.
Entertainment and decoration. Balloons, Drapes, Lights and Entertainers!
Just give us a call or email your request and we will check availability and our best package for your event.

 Mardi Gras theme party entertainment and decoration
Mardi Gras party entertainment with juggler, stilt walker, masquerade party
 Mardi Gras party entertainment and decoration
Mardi Gras themed party 
 Mardi Gras theme party entertainment and decoraion
Masquerade  party entertainment, stilt walker, juggler, joker entertainment
 Masquerade party entertainment
Quinceañera also called fiesta de quince años party entertainment 
 Quinceanera Mardi Gras themed party entertainment
Live statue for Mardi Gras themed party entertainment