Sunday, February 26, 2017

Office Depot Foundation - Women's Symposium in West Palm Beach at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

The theme this year is: "Building your hive for sweet success" Life and leadership lessons for the Queen Bee.
 Honey Bee themed event decoration
Honey Bee themed the square shaped balloons arch with bee mylar balloons attached is good idea for dessert table for cocktail hour

 Honey Bee balloon columns
Balloon columns with bee and yellow and white chamomile flowers on the top of balloon columns, spread around the convention room to give more themed atmosphere 

 Honey Bee themed centerpiece ideas
Very cute idea to do the honey bee themed centerpiece with branch and attached bulbs with bee characters on it

 Photo Booth frame station with Balloon photo frame
Very unique idea for photo booth frame with Bee themed balloon picture station 

 Honey Bee themed centerpiece with beehive
Very cute idea for centerpiece with sunflower, bee greens, ribbons, and beehive

 Chamomile flower balloon columns idea
Chamomile flower balloon column and Bee character on the balloon columns