Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bar Mitzvah decoration in Boca Raton Colf Club

All About Michael themed Bar-Mitzvah in Boca Raton Golf Club

Each table have own theme centerpiece  Family table have The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover characters

Travel theme idea with LED lights centerpiece

Banner for dance floor with draping and uplights

Candle lighting with name for Bar Mitzvah ceremony 

Balloon arch with David stars and name for entrance

Tunis player balloon sculpture 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Great Gatsby themed party decoration Fort Lauderdale

The Great Gatsby theme rived party decoration

 The Great Gatsby party decoration
 The Great Gatsby theme decoration idea with lamp light-up and feathers 
 The Great Gatsby decoration
 Out door balloon decoration
 Swimming pool decoration
 Swimming pool decoration with balloons
 Fort Lauderdale hose party decoration
 Out door The Great Gatsby pool decoration
Fort Lauderdale party decoration The Great Gatsby

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alice in Wonderland theme tea party decoration

Alice in Wonderland tea party for kids birthday party in 
  1. Tatiana Club & Restaurant Hallandale Beach South Florida

 Disney's Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party
 Tea party for kids birthday. Alice in Wonderland theme cake table decoration
  Disney's Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party
 Alice in wonderland tea party idea decoration with balloons flowers and themed centerpiece.
Alice in Garden, Tea-length Dress, Alice in Wonderland Garden, Butchart Gardens, White Rabbit, Pocket Watch, Suit, 
 Alice in Wonderland tea party idea
Alice meets the Cheshire Cat in wonderland centerpiece 
 Tea party Alice in wonderland themed
 Alice in wonderland tea party ideas
 Mad Hatter and white tea cup and Alice pink tea cup, had the same teacups.
Cheshire Cat with big smile, fresh flowers, rabbit clock
 Queen of hearts Card Soldiers as seen in the game "Kingdom Hearts"
 Card Soldiers marching as an introduction for the Queen of Hearts.
Alice in wonderland tea party ideas
Disney's Alice in Wonderland mad tea party centerpiece

 Alice in Wonderland sweet table decoration ideas
 Alice in Wonderland sweet table with back wall draping idea

 Wight rabbit on tea party sweet table
Wight Rabbit  and Alice In wonderland sweet table ideas

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Winter theme party decoration

Winter themed party decoration with balloon sculptures snowman, balloon arch, crystals tree, sweet table, penguin, ceiling draping, centerpiece, and more.

 Snowman balloon sculpture
Snowman balloon sculpture

 Snowman balloon sculpture centerpiece
Penguin balloon sculpture centerpiece

 Snowman balloon sculpture for winter theme
Snowman balloon sculpture for winter theme party decoration

 Balloons in big clear balloon with snowflakes printed
Clear balloon with snowflakes printed and small balloons inside good idea for centerpiece

 Winter theme centerpiece with balloons
Snowflakes printed balloons centerpiece

 Crystals tree centerpiece
Crystals tree for cake table

 Winter theme party decoration
Winter theme party decoration ideas

 Winter theme ceiling draping ideas
Snowflakes, ceiling draping, back wall cover with winter theme ideas

 winter theme balloons decoraion
Balloons in clear balloon with snowflakes printing best idea for winter themed party decoration

 Winter theme sweet table decoration
Sweet table with crystal tree, white candy in jars and more candy ideas for sweet table ideas

 Wight balloon arch for outdoor party decoration
Wight balloon arch for winter theme outdoor party decoration

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1 Birthday Party. Pavilion decoration

Here is flowers balloon arch, flowers sculpture with balloons, and flowers theme park pavilion decoration!
Outdoor park decoration with balloons by DreamARK.
Special for girls!

Check it out and call us for your next party decor.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bat Mitzvah event with Shopping theme decoration

Bat Mitzvah event in Boca Raton South Florida decoration with shopping theme centerpiece - shopping girl with shopping bags, LED lights, feathers, and menorah candle holder.

 Shopping theme decoration for Bat Mitzvah party
DreamARK Events had created Shopping theme decoration for Bat Mitzvah. We customized it to fit Alayna Fashion reception   

 Balloon column and menorah candle holder
Stage decoration with balloon columns and customized banner with LED lights

 Bat Mitzvah event decoration with shopping theme centerpiece
 Shopaholic girl with shopping bags centerpiece add LED lights, gel and feathers nice combination for centerpiece for Fashion reception

 Menorah candle holder decorate with  shopping themed design
Menorah with shopping themed details and Bat Mitzvah girl name very nice idea for shopping theme event 

 Shopping theme Bat Mitzvah party decoration
 Fashion lady shoes design for bay Mtzvah cocktail hour centerpiece 

 Fifth Avenue design customize banner for Bat Mitzvah event
Customize banner Fifth Avenue design with lights for fashion reception Bat Mitzvah event  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Betty Boop party decoration in North Miami South Florida

 North Miami South Florida Betty Boop in Hollywood themed party decoration

 Betty Boop heart balloon arch LED light
Betty Boop main table decoration with crystal centerpiece, Betty Boop characters, Heart shape balloon arch, feathers

 Betty Boop balloon column with Betty Boop balloon character
Betty Boop theme party decoration with Betty Boop balloon column 

 Betty Boop character  balloon column
Betty Boop in Hollywood balloon column character

 Betty Boop in Hollywood party decoration centerpiece
Betty Boop in Hollywood themed centerpiece, movie Hollywood centerpiece 

 Betty Boop character on crystal stand
Betty Boop centerpiece on crystals stand with LED lights

 Betty Boo character centerpiece
Betty Boop centerpiece with LED light and Batty Boop character

 Balloon arch Betty Boop red carpet event
 Betty Boop in Hollywood themed red carpet with bunny ears balloon arch

 Dance floor decoration Betty Boop balloon column
Betty Boop dance floor decoration with balloon column, heart shape balloon sculpture, LED light, draping, lighting, tables, linens, chair cover, sash, red carpet and more

 Hearts balloon arch & LED uplight
Betty Boop theme heart shape balloon arch with uplights