Friday, March 31, 2017

Red Carpet Event

Red carpet event with red carpet runner, chrome stanchions, velvet red rope, and Step and Repeat custom banner.

 Step and Repeat red carpet event
Professional Step and Repeat Design Make Your Event Look Fantastic

 Swimming Pool party with red carpet and Step and Repeat bunner
Swimming pool party with red carpet, Step and Repeat banner, and big balloon name sculpture swimming in a pool

 Ste and Repeat red carpet event
Red Carpet event decorate with red carpet entrance and Step and Repeat custom balloon 

 Hard Rock casino Hollywood Florida red carpet event
Corporate event in Hard Rock Casino Hollywood South Florida. Welcome red carpet and Rock balloon columns

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Photo Booth Rental for Graduation Party

Order a Photo Booth entertainment for your Graduation party and everybody will be have fun and will have unforgettable pictures   

 Photo booth rental
Photo booth rental for Graduation party

 Party photo booth
Photo Booth rental for party

 Rental photo booth
Digital photo booth rental good idea for party entertainment.

 New photo booth rental
Photo booth picture with custom logo, good idea for any events 

 Party rental photo booth
Take a Photo booth to entertaining your guests

 Party rental Photobooth
Everybody like to do a picture at the photo booth

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Graduation party decoration with ceiling draping, flower centerpieces, ceiling balloons, and helium balloon bouquets.

 Graduation party draping ceiling decoration
Tall centerpiece with flowers, beautiful decoration idea a room with tall ceiling. 

 Ceiling draping with fabric and balloons
Ceiling draping with balloon clusters attached to the ceiling.

 Graduation party flower centerpiece
Centerpiece with exotic flowers nice idea to decorate a graduation party.

 Graduation party flower centerpiece and helium balloons
Graduation party decoration with flowers and helium balloons always good idea to fill out a room with celebration atmosphere..

Monday, March 20, 2017

Easter day decoration with balloons ideas

 Easter party balloons decoraiton ideas
For Easter day decoration ideas with Easter bunny balloon sculpture, Easter themed flowers and carrots 

 Easter bunny balloon sculpture
Easter rabbits with carrots balloon sculpture 

 Easter carrots balloon sculpture ideas
Easter carrots balloon sculpture idea

 Easter kids party decoration for Easter egg hunt ideas
Easter themed flowers, bunny, carrots ideas for Easter event for kids Easter egg hunt ideas

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Princess Themed Baby Shower

Baby shower in Princess themed. We use flowers, umbrellas, and balloons to decorate the Tiki Bar place in Pompano Beach

 Baby shower party decoration
Flowers arrangement with baby items attached to it, and pink umbrella

 Baby shower balloon arch
Welcome baby in princess themed banner, 
and balloon arch with baby and pacifier mylar balloons 

 Princess themed banner for baby shower
Princess themed banner for baby shower idea

 Welcome baby
Welcome balloon for the baby shower event

 baby shower centerpiece
Centerpiece with baby and butterfly for Baby shower event decoration