Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tropically themed balloon decoration for Office Depot Family Fun Day event in Boca Raton South Florida.

 Tropical themed balloon arch
Tropical theme balloon arch idea with palm tree design and add fish, parrot, dog, and cat.

 Flower balloon arch, palm tree, giraffe
Flowers balloon arch with animals and big blue dog balloon character

 Giraffe balloon sculpture
Giraffe balloon sculpture for a tropical theme party decoration

 Undersea theme balloon column
The new design of balloon column for underwater theme party decoration

 Underwater theme fish balloon column
Huge fish design of balloon column will impress your guests

 Palm tree, flower balloon arch, giraffe, fish balloons
Corporate event decoration with flower balloon arch and palm tree balloon arch. Tropical animals will greet your guests. People will be talking about the huge giraffe balloon sculpture after the event

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower decoration with balloons and flowers in a vintage theme in beautifully The Pillars Hotel in Fort Lauderdale 

 Bridal shower organic balloon arch rose-gold
We use the new chrome balloons in rose-gold and gold colors for the L shaped organic balloon arch.
Moss watering can use as a vase for flower centerpiece give your decoration the organic design.

 Bride To Be rose-gold balloon letters
Rose-gold balloon letters BRIDE TO BE great addition for a background or wall decoration

 LOVE balloon script and confetti balloons bridal shower
LOVE script mylar balloon arranges by small balloons and huge balloons with rose-gold and gold and wrapping the balloon in tulle, lace makes things ultra bridal while still having a bohemian vibe.

 Rustic theme flower centerpiece with moss as a vase
For a bridal shower in a rustic theme, we advise using for a centerpiece the unique watering can be covered with moss as a vase

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rose-Gold Baby Shower

New balloon design ideas for baby shower event decoration with chrome balloons and rose-gold confetti balloons. While we love the look of wrapping a balloon in tulle, lace makes things ultra babies while still having a bohemian vibe.

 Baby shower decoration
Our new chrome balloons add to your event more glamour and fancy. A huge clear balloon with glitters always catch the eyes of your guests.

 Organic balloon arch rose-gold & chrome blue
Rose-gold, blue, and silver chrome balloons look amazing in an organic balloon arch and added different sizes and shape of balloons also complimentary of the design

 Baby Shower Balloon Decoration
YAY BABY Balloon script arranged on custom hula-hoop with organic balloons attache as a background of a sweet table, and two huge baby blue balloons wrapping in tulle. Long flower arrangement as a centerpiece

 Organic balloon arch with chrome balloons
Organic L shaped balloon arch