Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Underwater theme party decoration

Under The Sea Theme Decor

 Seahorse balloon sculpture with helium balloons for dance floor
Dance floor decoration with balloon arch and seahorse balloon sculpture

 Underwater themed balloon arch with octopus, fish, turtle
Balloon arch underwater theme with octopus, anchor, turtle 

 Seahorse balloon sculpture, balloon column seahorse shape
Seahorse balloon sculpture for dance floor balloon canopy  

 Dance floor decoration with seahorse balloon sculpture
Balloon canopy for dance floor balloon decoration with seahorse balloon column

 Balloon arch underwater theme balloon decoration
Underwater themed balloon arch with underwater characters balloon sculpture

 Dance floor decoration with balloon arch & seahorse balloon sculpture
Under the sea theme party decoration with dance floor balloon arch

 Underwater theme balloons centerpiece with balloon fish
Under the sea balloon centerpieces ideas with underwater theme characters

 Under the sea themed octopus balloon arch with anchor balloon sculpture
Under the water balloon arch, octopus balloon character, anchor balloon sculpture, turtle mylar balloon,

 Seahorse balloon sculpture for dance floor balloon canopy
Seahorse balloon column for dance floor balloon arch 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Married! Small Wedding Decor by DreamARK Event.

Wedding Back Wall drape & Lights.

Beach wedding ceremony and reception in Miami South Florida

 Bridal bouquet with roses, lily, orchids, crystals
Bridal bouquet with white roses, lily and orchids

 Beach wedding ceremony, bridal bouquet, bamboo gazibo
Bridal bouquet white roses, orchids, lily and crystals

 Wedding reception, main table flower centerpiece, back wall drape
Wedding reception red flowers arrangement for main table

 Red and white wedding reception tall centerpiece
Tall centerpiece red roses, lily, orchids, crystals.

 Wedding reception red and white flower tall centerpiece
Red and withe wedding tall centerpiece with red flowers and back wall draping with LED lights