Monday, November 18, 2019

Vintage theme wedding

If you planning a wedding in the fall time and rustic themed; it is first you have to choose a color and kind of flowers. The fall colors are very variable and colorful. 

One idea is a vintage theme. A rustic theme in more natural and organic, and you can choose some wood furniture rental and burlap linens and runners. Flowers can be are field kind of and some greens. For a wedding ceremony, it is nice to have a birch canopy decorated with greens and flowers. The bridal bouquet can be inorganic and greenery. Lanterns with candles are a great addition to your wedding decoration. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Bride To Be

Bridal shower decoration idea in rose gold themed

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. 
How about to use balloons and flowers for a bridal shower event decoration. The huge clear balloon with rose gold confetti and wrapped by tulle and LOVE balloon script designed on a hoop and attached to the mirror. That is the nice display for a venue entrance decoration.

Use a watering pot  as a vase and fresh flowers for the centerpiece, that is an amazing idea for a bridal shower table decoration

BRIDE TO BE Rose gold big balloon letters attached at a wall for a sweet table backdrop display

40" Huge mylar balloon letters BRIDE TO BE

Bride to be head chair decoration design 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Gender reveal baby shower party as the swimming pool party.

For this gender reveal party decoration we used traditional satin pink and blue colors for balloon garland. The grass wall background with a custom cutout sign is was perfect for step and repeat photo shoot. 

The swimming pool we fill out with Orbze helium mylar balloons, pink, blue, and silver. Floating candles in clear cylinder vases around the swimming pool give some romantic atmosphere. 

LED Lounge furniture and uprights finalize the baby shower party decoration.

 Swimming pool party floating balloons & up-lights

 Greenery backdrop with organic balloon garland, gander reveal party decoration

 Swimming pool decoration with floating helium balloons and balloon arch with greenery backdrop

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Candy Land Kids Party Decoration Designs

For our last Candy Land theme party decoration, we used mylar balloons in different candy shapes and organic balloon arch design to create this unit balloon arch for the room decoration.

The cake table we decorated with the custom printed banner for the backdrop and decorated with colorful fabric. Our balloon columns we decide to do with GIO Flower balloon shape and cover it like real candy. Huge 3' SupperAgate balloon on the top of the balloon columns gives the pop-up effect for the candy theme decor. 
For the centerpieces with used fresh flowers and candy shape helium mylar balloons attached to it. 

 Candy Land cake table backdrop and balloon columns

 Candy Land theme kids party decoration

 Candy theme balloon arch

Friday, September 27, 2019

Gender Reveal Party

Baby reveal party is always exiting a moment for parents, friends, and family to finds out the sex of a baby. 

We did many reveal gender parities in the pass, and the most client asking us, "What colors or theme is better for this baby shower?"

Someone likes to have pink and blue or white and silver. Last Saturday we did Revile baby shower event with all satin pastel colors and went greate. 

The client has decided to use flowers and balloons for decoration. We did greenery boxwood background and arranged it by the organic balloon garland. On the middle of the backdrop, we attached the neon sign "BABY BACKHAUS", that is an amazing addition for our backdrop and a photo-shoot; and Antic Royal Soffa, flowers arrangements, and lanterns with led candles give more romantic atmosphere.

For the cake table decoration, we decided to do a white fabric background with organic balloon arch, and add the neon sign with both future parents names. For flower centerpiece design, we add a small vintage umbrella and attached the huge helium balloon to fill out the beautiful venue with our pastel balloon colors. Organic balloon garlands on both side of the room and organic balloon falls was done completed decoration whole room. Sea green linens and clear Chiavari chairs are final decoration details.

 Baby Backhaus

 Baby Reveal Gender Party

 Greenery Backdrop & Balloon Garland

 Baby shower party decoration

 Baby shower room decoration idea

 Baby shower backdrop, balloons, royal sofa

 Cake table decoration, backdrop, neon sign, organic balloons

 organic balloons, umbrella, baby shower balloon design decoration

Friday, August 16, 2019

Bridal Shower Decoration

Bridal shower decoration with organic balloon garland with fresh flowers and foliage designed.

We used rose gold balloons and chrome latex balloons than add confetti as details. Fresh flowers and greens in the organic balloon garland give a natural and elegant design for it. Fresh flower centerpiece with white hydrangea, white stock, pink roses, and foliage. The custom balloon with the name the future bride we covered with pick tule, it gives more personalized design for the event.

 Bridal shower decoration with organic balloons and fresh flower

 Bridal shower sweet table decoration

 Bridal shower decoration with flowers

 Bridal shower florist destination

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Personalize Balloon Designs

Balloons always give party feelings. 
Doesn't matter what kind of event a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement, anniversary, corporate, or holiday - balloons and flowers are part of a party.
We would love to propose a new design of personalized balloon bouquet for your future event. 
We can customize any design for any occasion with luxury balloons, letters, numbers, and flowers to impress your guest's.