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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Luxury Shimmer Sequin Air Active Panel - Sequin Backdrop

Luxury Shimmer Sequin Air Active Panel!
We can deliver full glam that DIY garlands will never be able to top! To wow your guests simply call us and we will do the rest!

Beautiful and elegant silver backdrop with an organic balloon garland as the backdrop for a wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, Bachelorette party, birthday, sweet sixteen parties, and anniversary party decoration

Luxury Shimmer Sequin Air Active Panel - Sequin Backdrop.
Every sequin is moving and the shimmering backdrop looks like a living, Organic balloon garland adds more elegant and glamouring to your event.

Drive-By Baby Shower in O-FISH-ally-ONE theme Decoration Ideas

The new trending kids' birthday party theme "O FISH Ally Turning ONE".
The beautiful theme with various decoration ideas and colorful. Number one Balloon design idea with blue color shades and underwater theme details like octopuses, fishes, corals, and bubbles.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, most parties provide like Drive-by parade. An outdoor fishing theme party decoration balloon arch is most popular now.

Underwater theme balloon column with balloon octopus and sea theme balloon details

Octopus themed balloon column

O Fish Ally One theme design for the first birthday decoration idea.
Underwater theme organic balloon garland and number one balloon sculpture.

Underwater theme balloon arch with fish shape balloons, octopus, coral, balloon bubbles, and many unique themed details.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Baby Shower Decoration in Vintage Theme

Organic balloon garland it's looks standing always.
Boxwood greenery backdrop beautiful background for a cake table.
We love to combine artificial greenery backdrop with fresh flowers and foliage. That gives your event design more unique and glamour attitude. 

We can see a big difference between the greenery backdrop with organic balloon garland without foliage and with greens. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Baby Shower Party Decoration in Safari Theme

We did decorations for a baby shower in a safari theme.
Greenery backdrop we arrange with an organic balloon arch. For the organic balloon arch, we used different sizes of balloons, 36" marble balloons, leaf shape milar balloons, and also fresh palm leaf. Animal printed latex balloons give more tropical animal theme. For centerpieces, we found very cute small splash animals and add them to the centerpiece, which we create with fresh flowers and greenery. On the tope of centerpieces, we use palm tree leaf to make a palm tree design.
Balloo tree design with balloon animals connected with giraffe sculpture, it's perfect safari theme balloon arch design.

 Baby shower in safari theme balloon decoration

 Tropical theme baby shower decoration with balloon arch and flower centerpieces

 Greenery background with organic balloon garland for safari theme baby shower decoration ides

 Balloon tree sculpture with safari theme animals and safari theme flower centerpiece

 Safari theme balloon arch with balloon tree and giraffe balloon sculpture

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

First Birthday Party Decoration Idea

We did the beautiful decoration for the first birthday party in Coral Ridge Yacht Club, Fort Lauderdale.

We used mate pastel balloon colors for decoration. A rainbow balloon arch with white clouds is nicely arranged the cake table. Mosaic balloon letters in life-size and teepee were beautiful as a background for remembering photo-shoot. Water view and breeze add a more romantic atmosphere. Our organic balloon garland with fresh flowers also added some unique and personalized for the party decoration. We used special have duty weights for our balloon sculptures, because it was very windy, especially on the open water view. We did set up the "WELCOME TO KAIA LAND" direction pole for the entrance to greet guests. Party went smoothly and satisfaction. Thank you, Monica, to trust us and we hope to see Kaia at her future birthday party.

 welcome detection pole custom design

 Big balloon letters, mosaic balloon name

 Mosaic balloon name, mosaic balloon letters

 Rainbow pastel balloon arch

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Custom Neon and Wood Sign

Now we have for rent beautiful neon signs rent for wedding, birthday, and baby shower event. Choose a neon sign for your backdrop to have a more unique design. We love to offer a neon sign to make a background more personal, unique, and custom to your event!

"Oh Baby" and "It's a Boy" gold wood sign is perfect for baby shower event decoration.

Fresh flowers always pleasure for any occasion. We offer boxwood backdrop and custom flower sign. 

 Wedding neon sign "Mr & Mrs"

 Oh Baby wood sign rental

 Oh Baby fresh flower sign custom design

 It's a Boy wood sign rental for baby shower

 Happily Ever After neon sign rental, wedding backdrop

 Oh Baby wood sign rental

 Oh Baby neon sign rental

 Happy Ever After x neon sign rental

 Baby Shower backdrop Oh Baby neon sign rental

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Holiday Corporate Event Decoration

Winter Theme Event Planning

December is holiday corporate events month. Most companies, small or big, organize corporate entertainment and private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders. We are here to help to organize all decoration and entertainment for holiday corporate event.

Most holiday corporate events held in business places, and we need to bring some draping, lighting. balloons, flowers, furniture rental, DJ, and entertainments to transform a meeting room to the party room.
Most big companies have many employees from different countries and cultures, and an event planner has to know what kind of decoration and entertainment will be enjoyable for everyone.
Christmas 🤶 Holiday event can be themed as wintertime; for the centerpiece, we used white hydrangea, baby breath, white lily's, white stock, conifer tree branches, pine tree cones, and gold vase.

Greenery balloon arches we create by different shapes of mylar and latex balloons like green marble balloons, orbz, curly, chrome balloons, and a different palette of greens. Conifer tree branches gave our balloon arch a live and winter feeling.
The live band always pleasurable for a corporate event

Live Band

Winter theme organic balloon arch

Greenery balloon garland

Winter theme flower centerpiece

Unique balloon design